Does Your Agent Use SEO to Sell Your Home?

Does Your Agent Use SEO to Sell Your Home?

earlybirdrealestate March 21, 2019





🔍 Is Your Broker Using Modern Technology To Sell Your Home?





Is your broker using every available tool and technology to sell your home online, and to make sure that it rises to the top of potential buyers’ searches with the most common keywords and search terms? If they’re not, then they don’t truly understand what SEO is, and how to use it to sell your home.


Real Estate Agents Search for homes with Google to sell your homes!

After all, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a constantly evolving sales tool that requires a Realtor who’s up to date on the latest search terms, understands the ins and outs of local neighborhoods, and knows what potential buyers most value in a home.

Compare that to Steve, one of the ‘stars’ of our humorous look at the sometimes ridiculous and hard to believe world of real estate agents behaving badly.  #BadRealtors #DoesYourAgentGetIt 

🌟 Good Realtors Get SEO. Bad Realtors Don’t.

Knowing Real Estate Contracts is Important to sell your home.

Steve is a real estate agent based on several bad realtor stereotypes you might have heard about, and that I’ve unfortunately come across. They barely understand the difference between online and offline marketing, and don’t know what SEO stands for, let alone know how to maximize its effectiveness.  We are living in a global world meaning you’re not selling just to a local market anymore. People from other countries often buy real estate in Los Angeles from just a few keyboard strokes on their computers. Bless his heart, but our real estate agent Steve doesn’t even know how to maximize the use of Google, the most widely used search engine in the world!

Take it from Finneus Egan himself: “The 12 part video series, #BadRealtors, that I have created may be hard to believe, but sadly many of these stories are true! As your Realtor®, I couldn’t be more different than these funny caricatures.  I have studied SEO and I know how to use it to sell your home. Because I believe, Maximum Exposure = Maximum Results.  As your Realtor®, it’s important for me to stay up to date with the latest technological tools used to sell your home. While I believe that trust, knowing the real estate contracts inside and out and communication are still the most important part of any deal, getting to that deal often requires a bit of online TLC.”

🎯 Highly Targeted, Highly Effective

When the potential buyer of your home does a Google search for ‘luxury homes for sale in the Hollywood Hills’,  or ‘top neighborhoods in Los Angeles’, is your home likely to be a match? How about a buyer who wants a pool and searches for ‘Great homes with a pool and a view in the Hollywood Hills’? By constantly combing the most searched terms in the areas of Los Angeles he works in the most, Finneus Egan can find the SEO terms that work best for selling your home.

By doing the digital legwork before you list your home, and maximizing it once you’re online, your home will come up more often and more appropriately in online searches. That’s literally what SEO is all about. Optimizing the Search.

💻 Put SEO Into Action

In fact, if you searched ‘Los Angeles real estate agents’ or ‘real estate agent California’ or ‘best real estate agents in West Hollywood’ and this article was one of the links you clicked on, that’s SEO in action. A real estate agent that can effectively market his or herself using SEO, truly understands how to use search and search engines to market your home.

When you combine that with the other ways that Finneus uses technology to sell your home – such as YouTube videos shot using drone-mounted cameras – you might find even find buyers in a bidding war when it comes to selling your house.  It has happened multiple times in part due to the use of SEO.

📹 SEO + Video = A Tech Advantage to Sell Your Home

Speaking of video, Finneus does that too!  Did you know that 85% of all buyers and sellers prefer to work with an agent who uses video, but only 5% of all agents are actually using video?  Check out this video of a $6,480,000 SOLD home in Nichols Canyon part of the Hollywood Hills that Finneus shot. It has over 1,000 views and counting.  The smooth drone work and polished professional graphics create a positive impression of your home before the buyers have even set foot on the property.

What Real Estate Agent would you choose?   






🗣 What do His Actual Clients Say?  Check out this Video Testimonial!

Don’t just take his word for it!  See what Finn’s clients have to say about him in this client testimonial video.






Need to see more glowing Reviews?  Click here:

Or check out his Brokerage Website with COLDWELL BANKER:

🤝 Using Every Tool — Including a Handshake

In the end, a personal connection – a handshake, good negotiating, a personal yet businesslike manner – will make the final sale happen. But without SEO and video, your realtor – no matter how charismatic – might not be able to get you there at the highest price possible, if not at all…

Finneus Egan has a skill set and a grasp of technology that is unparalleled in the real estate industry. It gives him the expertise to create a marketing plan that will sell your home at the best price in the window you’re looking to sell, all while getting the most exposure for your listing.  Plus, he has the real estate sales, videos, reviews and reputation to prove it.

“If you think this approach would help sell your home at the best price in the window you’re looking to sell, let’s connect. When would be a good time to devise a plan of action moving forward?  Regardless of anything, I love meeting new people!  Thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you!”

~ Finn



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