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🚴🏿‍♂️ How to sell my home fast?
📹 Digital House Tour
📃 Client’s testimonial: Heather, Early Bird Real Estate Home Seller
☎️ Who you gonna call? Early Bird Real Estate!
🚴🏿‍♂️ How To Sell My Home Fast?

Let’s face it, anyone can sell your house. In fact, most houses sell themselves…EVENTUALLY. But do you have an indefinite amount of time to wait? No, you want to sell your home to someone quick at the top price so you can go about living your life. Watch the real estate video testimonial about one home seller’s experience selling her home with Finneus Egan!

And that’s where Finneus Egan and Early Bird Real Estate come in.

If no one knows your house is for sale, chances are you’re not going to have too many offers rolling in, are you? When you leave your home in the hands of Finneus, you’ll be lucky to find someone who DOESN’T know your house is for sale. That’s because Finneus and the folks at Early Bird Real Estate know how to get a property noticed.

Unlike most realtors who will just put up a sign at a nearby intersection on weekends and hope people show up at your open house, Finneus is going to give people a reason to come to your open house. Through open houses that are more like social get-togethers than sales pitches, constant virtual and real –life marketing plans and some good ol’ American caring and understanding, Finneus not only gets people to view your house, he gets them to fall in love with it. And when you’ve got multiple parties loving your property, only good things can happen. Think bids and more bids.

📹 Digital House Tour

But what about people who can’t make it to the open house? No problem! They can just tour it online. This is where Finneus and his team of video experts come in. Using state of the art filming technology, Finneus and Early Bird make your house the star of its very own mini-movie. Potential buyers can walk through the front door, up the stairs, peek in closets and even see what’s cooking in you oven. Want to show off the value added by the new roof you put on last year? You can give someone a ladder or you can show them video taken by the Early Bird Drone Force™. How about that million-dollar view? Sure a photo can give someone the general idea, but a panoramic sunset shot from a couple hundred feet in the air sure looks a lot cooler, doesn’t it?

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Take a look at this amazing drone video: Here!

📃 Client’s testimonial: Heather, Early Bird Real Estate Home Seller

“Finneus makes an incredible real estate agent because he’s an incredible negotiator, first off, and he’s very social. He’s excellent at promoting, and he’s the kind of person when you, when you meet Finneus, you instantly know you can trust him. I’d recommend Finneus to others trying to sell their home. He didn’t just show up to my house and put flyers on the table; he actually engaged with the people going into the house. He had food, he had a cellist…he’s creative. The video he made of my house looks stellar. The house looked amazing, very professional and fun.”

“You know, at the end of the day he did the job he was supposed to do, and he made it totally enjoyable for me in the process. I think I’ve got over 20 offers and that is because I think of the beautiful job of marketing that he does and I totally couldn’t have asked for a better realtor. He is invested in how you’re doing, and he wants you to do well, and he makes the process of selling your house or hanging out in your back patio. Enjoyable. Finn is the best real estate agent I’ve ever used, and I tell everybody about him.”

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☎️ Who you gonna call? Early Bird Real Estate!

Selling a home can be an overwhelming experience and no one should navigate that terrain alone. Finneus and the folks at Early Bird Real Estate know the Los Angeles and West Hollywood real estate market and know what people want. They do that by keeping their finger on the pulse of the industry yet never forgetting that people are truly what matter. That is why people rave about Finneus and Early Bird: They listen to you and make selling your home an enjoyable experience.

When you’re ready to sell your home in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills or the Hollywood Hills, call Finneus Egan and Early Bird Real Estate first and rest assured that unlike most weekend realtors Finneus and his team will live and breathe your home until it is sold. They care about your home but more importantly they care about you and it shows with every satisfied customer. Like Heather in the testimonial above, you will tell everyone about your positive experience.

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