KL Steven

KL Steven


“As a first-time home buyer, navigating the Los Angeles real estate market is super stressful. That all changed the moment I met and started working with real estate agent Finneus Egan! I couldn’t be happier with the result or recommend his services more.

Even in our first meeting in his office, he actually took the time to get to know me as a person and made sure that my goals were in line with my financial situation. He was more service than sales right from the start. I could immediately see that he put my interests FIRST and that started a TRUST I had in him and that continued to grow all the way until closing on my first home.

Further, he is very knowledgeable. Take for example the real estate contracts, there are a lot of contracts to sign when buying a house. Trying to understand them all made me nervous because I’m not a lawyer and I didn’t want to make a mistake. Finneus knew the contracts inside and out! He took the time to explain everything to me and made me feel comfortable moving forward at every stage. It turns out he has taken classes and studied the contracts in depth…and it shows!

He’s also a great negotiator, knows the market, and got me a price I was comfortable with paying for my home. Further, he stayed calm and helped hold my transaction together during the inspection period when negotiations stalled leading to yet another resolution that got the deal to move forward and made me very happy!

He was available when I had questions, even after hours. His professionalism, honesty, industry knowledge, and hard work are much respected and appreciated. He was always on my side and made my home purchase stress-free and successful.

Anyone would be lucky to have Finneus Egan as their Real Estate Agent.”