buying home

Real Estate Testimonial about Buying a Home with Finneus Egan, West Hollywood Realtor

buying home

Real Estate Testimonial about Buying a Home with Finneus Egan, West Hollywood Realtor

earlybirdrealestate December 10, 2019

Real estate agents are a dime a dozen.  Don’t believe it? Then just do a simple online search for a Los Angeles real estate agent.  See? A quarter-billion (with a ‘B’) results! Any idea how long it will take to sift through that many options?  
A very long time, that’s how long.  Trust us.

🔧 What are the skills needed to be a real estate agent?

Speaking of trust that is the number one quality you want, you NEED, in an agent.  You need someone you can trust to look out for your interests, trust to answer your questions, no matter how big or how small, and trust to guide you through what is one of the most important purchases you will ever make in your life.  You need a real estate agent who is honest and has integrity. You need someone who knows the current real estate market as well as the purchase process. For if you knew all this already, you wouldn’t be sifting through those 250,000,000 Google hits, would you?

It’s one thing to find an agent who knows their stuff, it’s quite another to find someone who has the communication skills to pass all that info on to you.  You need someone who is going to take the time to talk to you in person and on the phone to walk you through the process. This is a very serious purchase you are about to make and gaining info from a couple of cryptic text messages with weird emojis isn’t going to cut it.

📄 Client’s Testimonial: Buying a home with Early Bird Real Estate

“I think it’s natural to be a bit hesitant to work with any real estate agent because there’s a large pool out there and you’re trying to figure out what’s what, but if it’s Finneus, I would say don’t hesitate. He’s transparent, honest, authentic. We had a problem early on with an agent not really finding us the inventory we were looking for. After about nine failed attempts, mainly with this previous agent of trying to purchase a home here, we needed to do something a little different. It’s a wild process and there’s a lot of ups and downs and there’s a lot of, we’re right there at the finish line and your agent becomes part of that process and your relationship with that agent becomes a major part of how you operate and navigate through that, and Finneus was able to get us through that in a way that I don’t think others could.”

Finneus Egan’s client

“If you’re looking for an agent that’s going to help you navigate this crazy world of real estate in a crazy market and city, like Los Angeles, you need somebody that understands how nuts it really is here and what you need to do to get through that. Especially towards the end, I was about to lose it with final negotiations. I think that some people are at their wit’s end and that’s where Finneus’ energy stays positive and was able to get me through, uh, where I was at and my wife I know was in a similar position. I just tried to make the best choice for our future, and he was able to help us make the best choice for our future.”

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❓ How do I find the best real estate agent?

So you can click through those search results and get a mad case of carpal tunnel, or you can get in touch with Finneus and Early Bird Real Estate.  Finneus has all the qualities and skills you want in your agent. He’s going to listen to you and answer your questions. His knowledge of the LA real estate market, especially the West Hollywood area, is unmatched by most.  How? You ask. He’s been living there for over 20-years and because he’s one of the friendliest and most personal guys on the block, he knows everyone and hears everything! If there’s a property for sale, Finneus will know all about it.  

Unique use of drone technology.

🌟 Your Dreams Matter

Once you find that dream house, Finneus will do the most frustrating part and negotiate the best deal for you all while keeping you abreast of even the smallest change in plans.  He is available day and night and works on your schedule, not his.  Because unlike you, he DOES have all day to devote to finding you the perfect house.

Go ahead, ask the Internet for the best real estate agent in Los Angeles.  But don’t blame us when you’ve worn out your mouse halfway through the results.  Or just give your mouse the week off and call Finneus at Early Bird Real Estate today!  And as a bonus, he promises not to make you listen to any pop-up adds.

You want to make sure your agent knows your neighborhood.

Finneus Egan
Early Bird Real Estate / Compass
Residential & Commercial Licensed Real Estate Professional
Owner Early Bird Real Estate / Broker Associate Compass

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