Finneus Egan Early Bird Real Estate

Real Estate Agent / Broker Finneus Egan

Finneus Egan Early Bird Real Estate

Real Estate Agent / Broker Finneus Egan

earlybirdrealestate March 1, 2019

A message from Finneus:

Hey everybody, Happy 2019! I got some exciting news for you. I just got my broker’s license, which means I can finally launch Early Bird Real Estate. In addition to being your real estate agent, I now have the professional credentials and knowledge to handle all of your real estate needs. I also have a lot of exciting stuff going on with the Early Bird YouTube channel.

Of course, I still have my drones with professional walkthroughs showcasing the properties that I’m listing. Got an exciting new section with testimonials from former clients. Of course, I still am doing a bunch of the original comedy content, which there is gonna be a lot more of that in 2019. In fact, there’s gonna be a lot more content in general.

So, I’m just asking people that I know if you could just take a quick look and you know, maybe throw me a like or a follow. I promise I put a lot of hard work into it. It’ll be worth your time. I couldn’t have gotten to this point without all of you and I’m hoping that you help me get it to the next level. So please check out my channel and exciting content that we got coming up. Thank you.

🎥 Drones and Walkthroughs

Thus, by creating a Property Listing Video that uses drones and the directing skills of Hollywood directors to shoot your home professionally, we can excite buyers even before they come to see the property.  We tell a story and get people who want to see your home.

🔖 Testimonials

Heather tells what her experience was like working with Finneus Egan as her Realtor.

“The video he made of my house looks stellar. […] Finn is the best real estate agent I’ve ever used, and I tell everybody about him.”

😂 Comedy content

Your real estate agent is an old-school, out-of-touch realtor like Steve, is that really the kind of person you can trust with the online marketing crucial to selling your home?  If the answer is yes, then it’s time to talk to Finneus Egan REALTOR®.

Today, buyers get a head-start on their house-hunt online by scouring the web for their ideal home. When they view a listing online that features high-quality video and even drone imagery, they may fall in love before they ever see the house in person. Don’t you want an agent that can do that for you?

Therefore, with Finneus Egan, you retain the high professional standards and ethics of someone who has specialized and lived in West Hollywood for over 15 years, but also the savvy tech and online know-how to get your house sold for top dollar in next to no time. He gets that a real estate online marketing strategy can make all the difference in selling your home; that’s why you need a real estate agent who understands how to market real estate online.

Finneus Egan
Early Bird Real Estate / Compass
Residential & Commercial Licensed Real Estate Professional
Owner Early Bird Real Estate / Broker Associate Compass

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