Does Your Agent Listen to Your Needs?


Does Your Agent Listen to Your Needs?

earlybirdrealestate December 13, 2019

🏘 Does your real estate agent know what you want?

If you wanted to see houses that you couldn’t afford, you could simply watch one of 100 different cable TV shows while sitting on your couch eating popcorn.
If you wanted to see homes you weren’t interested in, for a couple of bananas you could find a chimpanzee, who looked good in a suit, to show you random houses in your neighborhood.

But that’s not what you want at all (okay, a chimp would be cool, but he wouldn’t find you a new home).  You want to see homes that are both in your price range and that satisfy your needs. In order for that to happen, you need to find the best realtor in West Hollywood.  You need to find someone who is easy to communicate with, someone who will listen to you and someone you can connect with.

Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t the only one with a busy schedule.  Your time is just as important (though he probably gets paid a lot more for his than you do)!  Why waste your time being dragged around town to see home after home that you can’t afford?  

🔍 What should you be looking for?

The best agent for you will prioritize quality over quantity.  The best agent for you will keep those communication channels open to better hone in on your perfect home.  The best agent for you will help you to better identify your needs and be sensitive to you comfort zone. The best agent for you is Finn at Early Bird Real Estate.

Finn isn’t going to try and sell you Jake Gyllenhaal’s house for 2 reasons. 1) You’re not in the market for Jake Gyllenhaal’s house. & 2) Jake Gyllenhaal is living in Jake Gyllenhaal’s house, and he would most certainly call the cops on you if you busted in on a tour. 

Buying a house will be the most expensive purchase you ever make (Unless you have Jake Gyllenhaal money.  In which case the most expensive purchase is probably a jet, a candy factory or a heard of tap dancing elephants or something.)  It’s not a purchase you want to be pressured into or one you want to be forced to settle with. 

💡 What Early Bird Real Estate will do for you?

Finn will find homes for you that meet your needs.  He will find homes that are within your price range and won’t push you to stray from that range.  Most importantly, Finn and Early Bird will adjust with you if/when you change your mind on what those needs may be.

Sure, Finn has sold houses to celebrities with ridiculous demands before.  But even though you may not be an A-lister, it doesn’t mean that your needs are any less important.  He knows what you want is what you want, and he’s going to do everything in his power to find you the perfect home.  

And, you can take a look at reviews and testimonials from previous clients right here.

So, call Finn and Early Bird Real Estate today and start the process of finding your dream home.

Yeah, that includes you too, Gyllenhaal.

Finneus Egan
Early Bird Real Estate / Compass
Residential & Commercial Licensed Real Estate Professional
Owner Early Bird Real Estate / Broker Associate Compass

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