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Some homeowners choose to sell their home privately. Local regulations restrict these listings from public display on home search websites, but they’re still available to consumers like you by connecting with a Compass agent.

Access to Off Market Properties
What are

What are private exclusives?

A private exclusive listing is a home that is marketed by an agent within the community of Compass agents and their buyers. Property details aren’t disseminated widely and don’t appear on public home search websites.

Why might sellers choose to list their home as a private exclusive?

  • New job or relocation

  • Family changes like marriage or divorce

  • Evolving financial circumstances

  • Health issues

  • Valuable belongings like art or furniture

  • Opposition to holding open houses

My clients were

My clients were looking for a home in a neighborhood with limited inventory. They’d already lost out on another property, so I showed them a home that was listed privately. Being able to move first allowed them to make a strong offer that was accepted.

Robert C, Agent | San Francisco Bay Area

My clients were