The community of West Hollywood is an especially warm and welcoming environment for dogs and owners alike. From dog-friendly restaurants along Santa Monica Boulevard to special holiday events such as the annual Halloween dog costume contest, few places can beat the number of amenities for our furry friends. So when it comes time to let your doggies run free, you might wish to visit one the following off-leash dog parks in the general West Hollywood area.

1. Laurel Canyon – 8260 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles, 90046 – Good sized parking lot – Atop the hill bordering West Hollywood and Studio City is the one true dog park of the area. It’s actually quite massive, so if your dogs are running machines, then this is the place to go. Think the old west. It’s dusty, vast, and dog disagreements sometimes go down. But there’s a separate area, off to the side, for the little pooches. And, as an added bonus, a fenced in playground for the little humans. One stop shop! Check out the video above ^^^^ to see it in action! As an added bonus, you can sometimes see famous people who live in the hills with their dogs.
2. Runyon Canyon – 200 North Fuller Avenue, Los Angeles, 90046 – Park in the neighborhood – This 2-mile loop runs through Hollywood Hills and offers spectacular views of the Griffith Park Observatory, the Hollywood sign, and on a good day, you can see all the way to Catalina Island. But as a dog owner, there are some things you need to know. The bottom part of the park is an on-leash zone; and they have been known to give tickets down there. Proceed up the trail, past the signs that indicate the off-leash area. Then unhook those leashes and let them run. If the normal trail isn’t tough enough for you, there’s a more ambitious one that circles the west ridge fringes of the park and leads all the way to the top. Be sure to bring a water bottle, and your hiking shoes!
3. Hart Park – 8341 De Longpre Ave (at N. Flores), West Hollywood, 90069 – Small parking lot and neighborhood parking – The one dog park on this list that is actually located in West Hollywood proper, it’s next to the Standard Hotel on Sunset Blvd. This little gem is the place to go for a quick midday romp in the woodchips. It’s small but picturesque. And it’s right across the street (rumor has it) from an apartment building Maralyn Monroe used to live in.

If these options don’t catch your dog park fancy, numerous informal dog runs exist around the neighborhood. Although the law does not abide off-leash activity in these areas, established convention encourages police to turn a blind eye. That said, if you choose to let your dog run free at any of these places, keep your leash in hand and be respectful of the non-dog-owning populace. And please be especially vigilant about picking up dog poop!

Three informal dog runs are listed below, but no doubt there are many more out there. If you know of one, please feel free to mention it in the comments. Happy dog parking!

1. Poinsettia Recreation Center – 7341 Willoughby Ave, Los Angeles 90046 – Street parking. Great Park with lots of people who exercise and play sports. The (on-leash) dog area is on the south side of the gym near the kid’s playground. Insider hint, if you go really early in the morning there are often people in the soccer/baseball fields on the north side of the gym throwing balls with their furry friends.

2. Laurel Park – 1343 North Laurel Avenue, West Hollywood 90046– Street parking rough. Read – signs carefully! – Go to the gated area in back.

3. Wattles Mansion – 1850 North Curson Avenue, Los Angeles 90046 – Park along Curson. – Take the dogs way up the hill and through the top gate. Don’t let the other off-leashers give you a false sense of security. The Sheriff’s Department tickets here periodically. (A friend of mine got one!)