the art of search engine optimization

Does Your Agent Get Online Marketing?

the art of search engine optimization

Does Your Agent Get Online Marketing?

earlybirdrealestate November 9, 2017

When your goal is to sell your home, you need an agent who intuitively gets online real estate marketing. So, ask yourself: Does your realtor seem like he’d be more comfortable in the days before the internet? Does it seem like he misses car phones, fax machines, and plain doesn’t understand online marketing? Does he use AOL for his business email? Maybe he’s like Steve, one of the “stars” of our humorous #BadRealtors video series.

Less than 1 minute long, watch Episode #1 of “Does Your Agent Get It?” with Steve and his ineptness with online marketing by clicking above.

If your real estate agent is an old-school, out-of-touch realtor like Steve, is that really the kind of person you can trust with the online marketing crucial to selling your home? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then it’s time to talk to Finneus Egan REALTOR®.

Today, buyers get a head-start on their house-hunt online by scouring the web for their ideal home.  When they view a listing online that features high-quality video and even drone imagery, they may fall in love before they ever see the house in person. Don’t you want an agent that can do that for you?

We understand and employ the latest high-tech advancements and best in class online practices to sell your home, letting you leave old-school realtors like Steve where they belong: in the past.  

Because if you use an agent that doesn’t truly rock online marketing, your listing may not be seen by the right audience at all – ever. Just as bad are agents who lack the interest, don’t have the skill, or underestimate the value of a digital presence. If they’re not getting the most out of your home’s online presence, you might as well not be online at all.

With Finneus Egan, you retain the high professional standards and ethics of someone who has specialized and lived in West Hollywood for over 20 years, but also the savvy tech and online know-how to get your house sold for top dollar in next to no time.

He gets that a real estate online marketing strategy can make all the difference in selling your home; that’s why you need a real estate agent who understands how to market real estate online and execute a comprehensive real estate online marketing strategy.

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📱The Viral Video Element and Power of Seeing is Believing

3 women looking at Early Bird Real Estate on their mobile phones togetherHave you noticed lately that almost everything on Facebook shows up as a video with sound and music? The reason so many digital marketers across an eclectic combination of industries shifted to marketing with video is because statistics proved that we are an audio-visual society who have learned to mass-consume information. Our minds can wrap around a one-minute video far more accurately than they can by reading information with text, especially if that text is technical or bland such as accounting for property features.

Still-photography used to work wonderfully for marketing real estate. You know why? Because our phones, social video and internet bandwidth hadn’t yet evolved to today’s high standards. Pictures are all we had. But now that so many of us are all plugged in all the time, buyers are no longer satisfied clicking through a slideshow gallery of stagnant images. They want the satisfaction of being drawn into the story via video.

🎥 Real Estate Drone Video Power

There are many ways to capture video for real estate virtual tours. Some agents use their smartphones, and others use high-end video recording cameras. Some, like Steve, don’t believe in video at all. At Early Bird Real Estate, we were one of the early-adapters to the use of drones in generating high-quality professional video of properties and their surrounding areas. Viewers can now easily log on and find a bird’s eye-view of your entire neighborhood, your street, and your house. We couple the state-of-the-art technology with the human-factor of humor and wit to infuse your listing with character, intrigue, and charm.  Click below to see and hear why Finneus Egan is different: 

Many of Finn’s drone-captured, professionally-produced video tours have received thousands of views and many handfuls of offers with competitive bids. Finneus Egan is successful at selling houses because he creates the opportunity for buyers to feel as though they’re a part of the home’s story. Finn creates buzz and excitement, and that converts to a sense of urgency in a buyer. All at no additional cost to you.

💻Let’s Talk Social Networking and Name-Dropping

We are in with the in-crowd and the heavy-hitters on social, so we’ll blast your listing on places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Zillow, Trulia, Craig’s List, Active Rain, and many more.

Remember, sharing on social doesn’t mean we make a bland, boring post inviting viewers to attend an open house based on an old-school flyer and strong-arm sales tactics. That’s what Steve would do. Instead, we’re sharing eye-catching video, high-quality imagery, and off-the-hook video so that it almost seems as though your house is selling itself.

Strategically sharing your listing across a variety of social media outlets creates visibility for your property that is unparalleled. But that’s not all we do to optimize your online presence.

⌨️Appreciating the Art of S.E.O.

concept image on SEO related terms for real estate online marketingYou already know people search for houses online, but do you know how people search? You may not, but your real estate agent should! People enter a variety of search terms into search engine queries including price, features, location, and more. More importantly, people search using keywords. A good real estate agent with his thumb on the pulse of technology will know how to implement keyword strategies to create listings that match the criteria for which users are searching.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. At Early Bird Real Estate, we optimize your listing for the search engines so that your listing has the best chance of showing up as a result of a search a user entered. Without the right keyword strategies and keyword implementation, a listing can still be all but invisible online. Your agent’s job is not only to put the listing “out there,” but to get it in front of the right buyers by using search engine optimization.

📽Paying Homage to Old School Marketing & Steve

There’s nothing wrong with the old school ways of selling real estate, as long as that’s not the only leg of your marketing strategy. There are still practical applications for yard signs, printed flyers and postcards, tri-fold “take-me” brochures, and other traditional real estate marketing techniques. So we don’t throw out the old just to incorporate the new. In fact, we merge the best of everything into one marketing strategy that has your house publicized through the MLS, social media listings, virtual tours, and also with standard printed marketing materials.

Want to know how much your home is worth? Click here and find out in 15 seconds!

⚡️The Bottom Line with Online Marketing

Your house could sell quickly. Or, it could end up on the market for what feels like forever. Part of that outcome is determined by your choice in real estate agents. You can choose an old-school real estate agent like Steve who feels most comfortable in the old school, traditional, offline real estate business, or you can opt for a pro like Finn who combines mastery of the real estate industry with a passion for contemporary real estate online marketing.

Conclusion: Choose Early Bird Real Estate

Your real estate agent is the best source of information about the local community and real estate topics. Give Finneus “Finn 2 Win” Egan a call today at 310-266-4650 to learn more about local areas, discuss selling a house, or tour available homes for sale.

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Does Your Agent Get Online Marketing?
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