Does Your Agent Get The Importance of Schools?

Does Your Agent Get The Importance of Schools?

earlybirdrealestate December 14, 2017

When it comes to your child’s education, you don’t want a real estate agent who will try to sell you on a home that doesn’t have the kind of top-rated schools you’re looking for. So ask yourself, does your agent know the ins and outs of each neighborhood and the school system in Los Angeles, California? Can they help you find a home that is in the school district you want? Will they give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your child’s education?

If not, maybe she’s like Sally, one of the “stars” of our humorous “Does Your Agent Get It” #BadRealtors video series.  Check out this hilarious 45-second video above.

If your real estate agent is a slick talking, say anything to get a sale realtor like Sally, is that really the kind of person you can trust to keep your best interests at heart? It’s time to talk to Finneus Egan REALTOR®, who wants nothing but the best for you and your child’s future.

📚The Best Schools For Your Family in Los Angeles.

What’s “best” when it comes to your kids’ education can mean different things to different families (and sometimes within the families themselves.) ?

Wonderland Elementary Schools in West Hollywood Hills

It’s important that your realtor take the time to get to understand those needs, then help you understand your choices. Whether you’re looking at sending your kids to the best public school you can find such as Wonderland Avenue Elementary School tucked in the Hollywood Hills (home to the children of several A-list movie stars and studio execs) or some of the fine public schools across Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Silverlake (like Ivanhoe Elementary), Mount Washington and Beverly Hills, Finneus Egan has got you covered.

(Yes, it’s possible to move to LA and sends your kids to Beverly Hills High, just like Beverly Hills 90210. But we’re sorry the Peach Pit isn’t real.)

There are even schools that focus on the arts if you’ve got a budding actor or artist at home. Or if your child has special needs, there are many schools in Los Angeles that excel at meeting those needs.

Regardless of your priorities for your child’s schooling, your real estate agent should be able to give you the right information. After all, finding a home with the right school is a lot like education itself. Just like a good teacher, a good real estate agent will give you the information you need to educate yourself before making an informed decision.

If they don’t understand the different rating systems, and if they don’t have friends, clients and family that have children in those schools, then they probably aren’t the right realtor for you.

🏫How to Find the Best Schools in Los Angeles

Those stars that Sally referenced in the video? Of course, she’s wrong. The score that schools receive on a listing sheet from MLS – LA realtors’ primary listing sheet tool – comes from and it is rated out of a possible 10, not 4 stars as Sally wrongly suggests in this video.

Your real estate agent can also offer some other tips on investigating schools whether you’re looking to buy homes in Beverly Hills or the Hollywood Hills.  In fact, Finn can customize a search specific to your individual needs or even chosen school district. Just ask him!

When you’re looking for the best schools in Los Angeles, this should be one of your first stops. At GreatSchools, you get a Summary Rating that offers expanded information about important aspects of school quality — including student access to advanced courses, student progress information, and equity data to help parents see whether or not all students are being served similarly. You’ll also get test scores, class offerings and parent/student reviews.

Finn also recommends checking out the following sites:

Of course, there’s no substitute for talking to someone whose children attend your desired school.  Talking to co-workers, friends on social media and even the school itself can help you make an informed decision. With over 20 years as a resident and real estate agent in the West Hollywood area and friends all over Los Angeles, Finn can put you in touch with the right people to ask.


What’s the actual rating system on

a)    Stars out of a possible 5

b)   Stars out of a possible 4

c)    A rating where 1/10 is lowest, 10/10 is the highest.

From the best private elementary schools in Los Angeles to the best junior high schools in California such as Mount Vernon and Nightingale Junior High School as well as the top magnet schools in Los Angeles, you shouldn’t have to compromise on your child’s education. Finneus Egan will create a search for you in the neighborhood you want with the school you want.

🎒Schools across Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Unified School District is among the largest in the nation. Combined with the large amount of private schools in the area, there is a lot of information out there. Your realtor should be able to help you sift through that information.

Los Angeles Elementary School Student

Of course, if you decide that a particular school or district is the one you gotta to have, Finn can conduct a search for homes that only attend that school or are within a short drive to that private school. You’re not alone; recent surveys have shown that among parents of school-aged children, proximity to schools is a more important factor than even proximity to work.

Often, homes in areas with more highly-rated schools can be more expensive than homes in other areas. If you’re thinking of sending your child to private school versus public school, Finn can help you figure out the cost difference between the two options. You may spend more by paying for private school than you would in spending more on a home in an area with more highly rated schools.

You may even debate about whether you want to make a trade-off between the quality of public schools and what you’re willing to pay additional for private school.

Finally, this is Los Angeles, so you’ll need to think about driving. How far is the school from your home during rush hour? Does it add extra time to your commute? And with your kids’ busy lives, don’t forget that school activities, especially sports, can extend to the weekends when traffic is lighter, but it can still be a factor.

🏘Neighborhood schools matter—even if you don’t have kids, or aren’t planning to.

Even if children aren’t part of your life’s plan, buying a home in an area with great schools can still be very beneficial. When your home is in a good school district, then studies show that it will hold on to its value better than those homes in neighborhoods with lesser ranked schools.

📝Final Exam: Does your real estate agent understand your kids’ educational needs and want you to maximize the value of your home as an investment?

If your real estate agent doesn’t understand 1) the importance you place on your child’s education and 2) made that a priority in finding you a home that also is a good long-term investment then 3) they’re not the right real estate agent for you.  Don’t be frustrated like the young professional mother featured in our comedic video because real estate agents like “Sally” will tell you anything you want to hear in order to get a sale! 

Get the right real estate agent for you and your family, who will treat you like family. Call Finn “Finn 2 Win” Egan today.

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